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An interfaith voice for justice, compassion, and transformation.

The Deadline to Sign Our Statement For Inclusion
on the Published Ad is JUNE 1

Additional signatures are welcome after that date. They will be included on this website but will not appear on the published ad. 

Plans Are Coming Together!

We will publish our statement opposing White Christian Nationalism in the

Roanoke Tribune and the Roanoke Times in conjunction with Juneteenth

Anticipated publication dates are:

The Roanoke Tribune: June 15

The Roanoke Times: June 18

You can read more about our CN Ad Project and

view the final version of the statement here

Justice Advocates Email Wrapper.png

Mission Statement

To change lives by:

-Listening to, and hearing, the concerns of the marginalized;

-Raising community awareness for inclusion and equity in our institutions;

-Creating opportunities to engage in advocacy for change;

-Offering ourselves and our resources in the cause of justice.

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