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An interfaith voice for justice, compassion, and transformation.

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Democracy with Inclusion, Equality, and Justice

Thursday, June 6
7:00 p.m. - 8:15 p.m. on Zoom 

Defending Democracy: Populism, Fascism, and Authoritarianism 

Jim Bohland

Professor Emeritus, VT

James Bohland is Professor Emeritus at Virginia Tech and cofounder of the Defend Democracy project launched this year. Jim brings a keen understanding of threats posed by authoritarianism. How real is the threat? And how can we recognize the "playbook" used by authoritarian political leaders? Examples of the decline of liberal democracies around the world stress the timely urgency of preserving democracy. 

How We Counter Attacks On

Our Democracy

Noa Baron

Social Justice Organizer

Noa Baron is the Social Justice Organizer with the Workers Circle, which created the Democracy Circles model. It uses the power of existing relationships to engage more people in grassroots efforts. Noa inspires people to join together regularly to explore the democracy we need that represents all of us. Each circle is initiated by a circle convener, who picks a meeting time and place and brings people they know together in person or on Zoom. 

Working together to devise strategies to fortify
and extend democratic ideals. 

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Sam Rasoul

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Statement Opposing Christian Nationalism

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Mission Statement

To change lives by:

-Listening to, and hearing, the concerns of the marginalized;

-Raising community awareness for inclusion and equity in our institutions;

-Creating opportunities to engage in advocacy for change;

-Offering ourselves and our resources in the cause of justice.

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