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Beyond Affordability: Navigating Housing Injustice

Session One: Setting the Stage

The Housing Crisis: Unveiling the Problem

Tuesday, February 6     


Jonathan Knopf, Executive Director for Programs, Housing Forward Virginia

Mel Jones, Associate Director, Virginia Center for Housing Research

Two housing experts, Jonathan Knopf and Mel Jones, will discuss the current state of affordable housing nationally and state-wide, and its historical basis. They will focus especially on the consequence of increasing housing costs for low-income renters seeking a safe place to raise their families. The speakers will provide data about the demographics of this low-income population with respect to age, ethnicity, ability, and their employment status.

Session Two: Case Studies

Habitability, Evictions, and Homelessness: What Help Is Available? 

Tuesday, February 27   


Elisabeth Chaves, Climate Equity Policy Fellow, Virginia Organizing

Eric Chapman, General Counsel, Community Housing Partners Corporation

Elisabeth Chaves, from Virginia Organizing, will present case studies involving tenants' rights from Southwest Virginia. Habitability, eviction and homelessness will be the focus of her presentation. Housing bills before the General Assembly may be discussed. Eric Chapman will discuss Community Partners' role in responding to the crisis in low-income housing. 

Session Three: Report Card and Action Items

What Can Be Done Statewide: Short and Long Term

Tuesday, March 12   

Click here for access to a PDF of Isabel's PowerPoint presentation. 


Isabel McClain, Director of Policy and Advocacy, Virginia Housing Alliance

Isabel McClain, an expert on housing policy, legislative advocacy, and systemic advocacy will brief us on what happened at the 2024 General Assembly with respect to housing bills. Based on that result, she will present her vision for the long and short-term future of housing reform in our state considering possible future roles for local, state-wide and federal governments, nonprofits, and members of the concerned public. 

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